Announcing Share EclipseCrossword

3 August 2020

Hello crossword-friends! We’re very pleased to announce a preview of our brand new service, Share EclipseCrossword!

EclipseCrossword lets you easily make crossword puzzles, but sharing them online with students and friends is still a pain. You can share a photo on Facebook in just a couple of seconds, and we wanted to make it just as quick to share a crossword puzzle that you created. Share EclipseCrossword makes that happen.

  1. First, make a puzzle using the same app as always.
  2. Then, instead of printing, just bring it to this website.

That’s it! We’ll share your puzzle around the world in seconds. We can’t wait for you to try it out.

Share a puzzle now

We’re not done yet.

It was important to us that we launch Share EclipseCrossword in time for teachers to use in their lessons in the coming months in these crazy times. It’s ready for you to use right now, but there are still some rough edges that we’re working to file down.

Phones and tablets

Update: 24 August 2020

We’re happy to announce that puzzles shared on Share EclipseCrossword now work on a variety of phones and tablets! If you find something that doesn’t work on your mobile device, please let us know—be sure to include a link to the puzzle you were using, and what device you were using it on.


Update: 17 December 2020

Share EclipseCrossword works with puzzles in English, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. It should also work with other languages that the EclipseCrossword app worked with but didn’t officially support.

It will not currently work for Dutch, Hebrew, and Thai. (Those are the same languages that the EclipseCrossword app can’t save web page files for.)