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Sample projects

Our users have used EclipseCrossword to produce some amazing things.  Check out the kinds of things that you could do with EclipseCrossword!  (Some of these puzzles have been customized a bit—to fit the website better, or include additional features not built into EclipseCrossword.)

Note: These crossword puzzles were created by people just like you with the EclipseCrossword software.  We're not responsible for the websites they're hosted on, or the accuracy of the clues or answers.  If you have any questions about the puzzles or need help, please contact the author of the puzzle via their site.

Accounting crosswords

Accounting Coach has put together an astounding set of custom crosswords built with EclipseCrossword at  "Our goal is to help you improve your understanding of accounting, have fun recalling accounting definitions and terms, and become more financially literate."  This site also showcases some of the interesting things that webmasters can do to customize their EclipseCrossword puzzles.

* Check out the puzzles at

SAT/ACT vocabulary practice

Practice for college entry tests with this series of vocabulary puzzles based on popular witty authors.

* Check out the puzzles at

Chez Sc@lpa: Puzzles for French Pupils

Crossword puzzles make great teaching aids.  Sc@lpa has created a wide variety of puzzles to help teach French grammar.  All of the puzzles on this site have been customized to show up in French, and have French words and clues.

* Check out the puzzles for French pupils (in French).

Dr. Michael A. Riccioli's English Language Games Page

Dr. Riccioli maintains a page of English-language games, including many crossword puzzles created with EclipseCrossword on a Mac using Virtual PC, software that lets you run Windows programs on your Mac.

* Check out Dr. Michael A. Riccioli's English Language Games Page.

Vocabulary worksheet created with EclipseCrossword

Teachers can use EclipseCrossword to create exciting worksheets for their students. Marilyn Ohlsson created this vocabulary worksheet using EclipseCrossword along with Microsoft Word.

* Check out Marilyn's vocabulary worksheet.


Send us your puzzles!

EclipseCrossword users create tons of interesting puzzles every day.  If you've created something that you'd like to share with the world, consider submitting the link to us through our feedback form.  (We only have space to showcase a handful of the links we receive, so don't feel bad if yours isn't selected for the site!)

If there's a problem with one of the links above (for example, if the site has closed down or no longer features crosswords), please let us know.

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