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More than six million people have downloaded EclipseCrossword. We think it’s pretty great, but we might be a little biased. Some of our users have written to us to thank us, often with gratuitous use of exclamation points. Here are just a few of the things people have said about EclipseCrossword:

c|net Download.com, The best free software, 2005

c|net Download.com, the biggest download site on the web, named EclipseCrossword as one of “The best free software” products in the games category for 2005.

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“Come up with the words and this nifty program will compile the puzzle for you. Upload it to the web or print it out for anyone to enjoy… if they’re not too busy making their own.”
—Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome.com, TechTV)

Some of the users who write to us every day

“I got tired playing poker and I decided to make crossword puzzles instead. Before, I use excel in making crossword and I didn’t know there’s a crossword maker software that will make your job easy. Thank you Eclipse Crossword for the help!”
—Clement, Pokerjunkie.com

“I am a college instructor and have been hunting for a free crossword maker for years, but somehow missed this gem. Having struggled with at least two dozen other programs that turned out to be clunky, buggy, overcomplicated, non-user-friendly, restrictive, and producing sub-standard output, I was literally shocked to find this during a haphazard search at CNet. Crossword is so well-thought-out, so easy to use, and its output is of such excellent quality that I can hardly imagine how I got along without it. I find especially appealing the broad range of options for various print and other publishing formats, and the file saving features. The only problem was: the program is so good, I kept looking for ‘the catch’… ;^) Thank you!”

“Thought you might like to know that your software is being used to help people all around the world. I write training for a church that takes its members on mission trips to third world countries. I use Eclipse Crossword puzzles to help teach the language used in the visiting country. So far we’ve created puzzles for Spanish, Romanian, Nepali, French and Su Su (in Guinea, West Africa). With the help of a little language training, the teams are able to communicate so much better. Churches are remodeled or built, children’s homes are supplied clothing, nationals are taught English as their second or third language. The list goes on as each trip is different.”
—Jeff, First Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona

“My son Kenneth came in this evening and said, “Dad, for my ELA class I have to make up a crossword puzzle with 25 words.” He could have said the roof is leaking it would have had the same impact, pure panic on my part. That was until we came across your web site. Wow! We followed all the prompts more he than we, and before long he called me over to his work station and with a smile that you couldn’t buy he said, I’m finished.’ Excellent site, excellent program.”

“For a Will Shortz and Mike Shenk worshipper… this was the most fun I’ve had since last Friday and Sunday!!!”
—Mary S. Pollack

“I am a college student and I just had to write and tell you how wonderful this crossword maker is. I found another on the web for 45 dollars and couldn’t afford it. I was using the demo version to make study guide-crossword puzzles for my history study group and it was taking hours. I completed my entire set of notes (22 typed pages) in just under 2 hours. Thank you so much! I made a 92 A on my last exam!!! Thank you Eclipse Crossword!!!”
—Amanda Franks, college student (well, hopefully not anymore…)

“We wanted to do something special for my sister’s 60th birthday. She is a big crossword puzzle fan… so I was so happy to find that you offered us a chance to make up a highly personalized puzzle for her. We did a big one, with 66 words, and I was able to follow your instructions with no trouble. She loved it!”
—Maureen from New Jersey

“I just had to drop you a note and tell you that your EclipseCrossword is what I have been looking for for years! It is very simple to use, excellent quality, and of course the price is RIGHT. I have never found a crossword compiler that I quite liked because of lack of features or ease of use or price. Yours fills ALL the blanks for my use. This has to be one of the finest pieces of software I have tried since I first began tinkering with computers in '94.”
—Ronnie J. in Louisville, Kentucky

Anonymous reviews on c|net Download.com

“I had this program downloaded, installed, and my daughter completed a school project all in several minutes. We did not view the tutorial or help content. It’s that easy. Great program!”

“I looked at the file size and thought this couldn’t be any good. I was wrong. My kids and I are having a ball with it. Anyone with kids should download this great freeware.”

“I found this crossword the easiest and simplest to use. Someone very clever designed it as it is straight shooting unlike other programmes which have you running around in circles to understand them or to find out where they saved them. Thanks.”

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