Our philosophy: Principled Software

We build what we like to call “principled software.” We think these things are important:

Hey, that spells CHIRP.

Then how do we make money, you ask?

Those principles mean that most of the ways that internet services make money are off the table.

So right now, we don’t, really. Green Eclipse is a volunteer operation: we cover the costs of running things ourselves, and don’t get paid for our time. Occasionally people do kindly send us a donation. In the future, we think that exploring the “freemium” model is best: we can continue to offer things free to the world, and then offer premium features to those who pay a small fee to offset the cost of the free services. Then maybe this could be our day job.

Get in touch

If you have any other questions, or feel that we could better live up to these values, get in touch with us.