Types of EclipseCrossword puzzle web pages

EclipseCrossword lets you save your puzzles as three different types of web pages that you can put on your blog or website, or send through email. Each one has its uses, but the one that you’ll probably find most useful is the “interactive with JavaScript” style. For step-by-step instructions on how to save your puzzle as that type of web page, see the article Saving interactive web pages in EclipseCrossword. The instructions on creating the other types of puzzle web pages are exactly the same except for which option you choose.

Interactive with JavaScript

This type of web page lets people solve the crossword right in their browser. They’re not useful for printing and filling out by hand, though.

Printable empty grid and clues

This is the type of web page you want if you want something that your friends or visitors can print out and solve by hand with a pencil. The crossword grid and clues are all on one page, ready for printing.

Printable answer key grid

This type of web page is just a printable answer key. Use this type in addition to one of the others if you want to share the puzzle answers on a separate page.

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