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Choosing between WMF and EPS files

When you're publishing your crossword puzzles to a word processor or desktop publishing program, EclipseCrossword gives you two different choices for how to save the picture of the puzzle grid: a Windows Metafile (WMF), or a PostScript (EPS) file.  Each one is better than the other in certain circumstances.  This list will help suggest which one might be most useful to you, based on which software you use.

Choose WMF if you are using...


Choose EPS if you are using...

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft PowerPoint
  Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PageMaker
(or most Windows software)   (or most Mac OS software)

Why not GIF or JPEG or PNG?  EclipseCrossword produces WMF and EPS files because those types of pictures can be stretched to virtually any size without becoming blurry or blocky.  Most other common types of computer images, on the other hand, don't look that good when enlarged.  Files that you produce with EclipseCrossword will look great whether they're printed on a poster or a postcard.


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