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EclipseCrossword on Windows 10

EclipseCrossword works great on Windows 10.  Here are answers to some questions that you might have about using EclipseCrossword on recent versions of Windows.

Is EclipseCrossword any different on Windows 10?

EclipseCrossword on Windows 10 is the same app that you've enjoyed using on previous versions of Windows.  EclipseCrossword has not been optimized for use with a touchscreen or high-resolution displays, but it will work with them.

How to I install EclipseCrossword on Windows 10?

If you've updated to Windows 10 Version 1607, the easiest way is to get EclipseCrossword right from the Microsoft Store.  (If it's a home computer, you probably have version 1607 or newer already.  If it's a school or work PC, you may not have that version yet, or your IT department might have blocked installing apps.)

You can also install EclipseCrossword on Windows 10 just like previous versions of Windows, by downloading it from  Don't worry; it's still easy!

Will EclipseCrossword run on Windows 10 S?

Yes, EclipseCrossword will run on Windows 10 S (such as on the Surface Laptop), but you need to install it from the Microsoft Store.  It's not possible to use the old EclipseCrossword installer on Windows 10 S.

Will EclipseCrossword run on my Windows 10 phone?

Sorry, there isn't a phone version of EclipseCrossword at this time.


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