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Where can students write their names?

Adding your name to puzzles you create

EclipseCrossword gives you space to add your name to puzzles you create.  If you do, your name will be added when you print your puzzle or save it as a web page.

To add your name to a puzzle you've created, enter your name in the box labeled Your name on Step 4, the page you see after creating your word list.  Your name will be saved and printed with that puzzle.

Adding blank space for people filling in your puzzle to write their name

EclipseCrossword doesn't offer an option to add a blank line in the corner of the page where students can fill in their names (for classroom crossword puzzle assignments, for example).  I you want to add your own, you can print from your word processor instead.  It takes a bit more work, but you have complete control over the layout of your page if you do.


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Keywords:  I want a blank line where pupils filling out my crosswords can write their names.