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Saving progress in JavaScript puzzles

When you create interactive puzzle web pages with EclipseCrossword, normally the people who play those puzzles need to finish the puzzle in one sitting and don't have a way to save their progress.  However, using an extension for EclipseCrossword developed by a third party, you can add buttons to your crossword puzzles to allow your users to save their progress in a cookie and load it later.

Marek Cieciura has created a page of handy EclipseCrossword extensions including this one to let your website visitors save their progress: "Load/save crossword state".

To add this feature to your crossword:

  1. Save your crossword as an Interactive with JavaScript web page.
  2. On the extensions page, choose that web page to upload.  (Upload the web page file, not your crossword file.)
  3. Check Load/save crossword state.
  4. Click Start.  Your modified web page will begin downloading right away.

(Green Eclipse does not manage or endorse software created by others, and we won't be able to help you if you run into any problems using this extension.)


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Keywords:  I want people who come to my web site to save and load their game later when they return so they don't lose their work.