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Saving your crossword as a PDF file

EclipseCrossword doesn't have any feature that lets you save your crossword puzzle as a PDF file.  However, there are special "virtual printers" that let you "print" to a file instead of paper.  You can use Adobe Acrobat (which is a commercial product) or similar free software to do this.

You can also consider saving your crossword as an XPS file instead, which doesn't require any additional software if you have a recent version of Windows.  If you decide to save your crossword puzzle as a PDF using a virtual printer, the instructions are nearly identical to how you would produce an XPS file.  Take a look at our article on saving XPS files, and then just choose your favorite PDF virtual printer instead when the instructions tell you to use Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

We regret that we won't be able to assist you with using any particular third-party PDF printers.


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Keywords: I want to save my puzzle as an XPS file so I can send it to someone else, because I don't have a printer, or they don't have EclipseCrossword.