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Printing a standard grid with black squares instead of an outline

EclipseCrossword normally prints a thick outline of the puzzle instead of a standard full puzzle grid with lots of black squares.  This saves ink, and creates a generally more attractive result.  However, if you prefer the normal newspaper style, you can print your crosswords like that too.

Sample of the outline style Sample of the grid style
The normal EclipseCrossword outline style. The optional standard grid style.
  1. Open a puzzle you want to print in EclipseCrossword.  (How?)
  2. Click Options in the lower-left corner of the EclipseCrossword window.
  3. Click the Printing tab at the top.
  4. Clear the checkbox next to Print an outline instead of filling in unused squares.
  5. Click OK on the options dialog to save your changes.
Screenshot of the Options button
The Options button.

This also affects pictures of your crossword grid that you save for use with word processing software.

Tip: You can also change the darkness of the outline or filled-in squares.


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