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Adding links to clues in JavaScript puzzles

When you create interactive puzzle web pages with EclipseCrossword, it's possible to include links.  You might want to do this to give people help solving tricky clues, or as part of a classroom assignment.

Important:  When you add links or other HTML code to your puzzle, those links will appear as HTML code when printed.  Only do this for puzzles that you want to save as interactive web pages.

You have a couple options for adding links to your clues: either using a third-party extension, or adding HTML code directly.

Using a third-party extension

EclipseCrossword fan Marek Cieciura has created a page that automatically adds links to word lists.  When using this extension, for any clue that you want to have a tip link, add the link directly after the clue, like this:

A fun app for making crossword puzzles

After using this extension, the clue will appear like this:

A fun app for making crossword puzzles Tip

To upgrade your word list and turn those into functional links:

  1. Save your word list file.  EclipseCrossword will ask you to do this automatically when creating a new puzzle.
  2. On Marek Cieciura's EclipseCrossword extension page, choose that word list to upload.  (Not a crossword puzzle file, and not a web page.)
  3. Click Submit.  Your modified word list will begin downloading right away.
  4. Open the modified word list file you downloaded in EclipseCrossword and create a puzzle with it.
  5. Save your puzzle as an Interactive with JavaScript web page.

(Green Eclipse does not manage or endorse software created by others, and we won't be able to help you if you run into any problems using this extension.)

Adding HTML code to your clues

If you're familiar with HTML code, you can add HTML code directly to your clues.  Or, if you aren't, you can create a link by typing your clue like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">EclipseCrossword</a> is my favorite app

Be sure to type the code exactly as shown.  Replace the part in quotation marks after href with the link you want to direct people to.  Make sure that you start it with http:// or it won't work properly.  Then, between the > and the <, type the text that you want to appear as the link.  The above code produces an example that looks like this:

EclipseCrossword is my favorite app

Once you're done, save your puzzle as an Interactive with JavaScript web page, and try out your links.


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