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International Java applets

The Interactive with Java applet style of web page is no longer available in EclipseCrossword.  These files are only useful for old versions.

The EclipseCrossword Java applet has been translated into many other languages, so you can use EclipseCrossword puzzles on your website in your own language.  The following language translations are available.

Note: These files allow you to use "Interactive with Java applet" interactive puzzle web pages on your website.  They do not change the EclipseCrossword puzzle creation software to appear in another language.  (EclipseCrossword is only available in English.)

Note: These files only work with "Interactive with Java applet" web pages, not "Interactive with JavaScript" web pages.  Since Java applets are less common on the web than they used to be, we don't recommend using Interactive with Java applet puzzles anymore.  However, it's the only option that works well with languages other than English.

* The EclipseCrossword Java applet does not support placing multiple letters in one square (such as IJ), even though the EclipseCrossword puzzle creation software does.

Download this zip file, which contains EclipseCrossword.class in all of the languages listed above.

Instead of uploading the EclipseCrossword.class file that EclipseCrossword produces when you create an "Interactive with Java applet" web page, use one from this package.  This will replace all of the text on the applet (such as "check puzzle") with the translated text.


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