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Can I add a timer to my interactive puzzle web pages?

At this time there's no built-in way to have EclipseCrossword add a timer to interactive web pages you create.  We may add such an option in the future; however, one of the reasons we haven't added one yet is that it won't stop cheaters.

Beware of cheaters

It's possible for a very technical user with knowledge of JavaScript to add a timer to interactive web pages created with EclipseCrossword.  (Sorry, we can't help you with this.)  If you decide to find an experienced person and try this, there are a few things you should consider:

There's no completely reliable way to time people filling in a crossword puzzle unless it's a controlled environment (such as a lab) and players are being monitored.  For this reason, we don't recommend using completion time as a factor for crossword-related quizzes or contests.

Adding this feature with an extension

EclipseCrossword fan Marek Cieciura has created a page of extensions that allow you to add a timer to your puzzle web pages.  You can find it here:

  1. Save your crossword as an Interactive with JavaScript web page.
  2. On the extensions page, choose that web page to upload.  (Upload the web page file, not your crossword file.)
  3. Check Unlimited timer or Limited timer.
  4. Click Start.  Your modified web page will begin downloading right away.

(Green Eclipse does not manage or endorse software created by others, and we won't be able to help you if you run into any problems using this extension.)


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