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Diagnosing Windows Installer issues

EclipseCrossword uses a Windows feature called Windows Installer to set itself up on your computer.  If you run into problems installing EclipseCrossword, our support staff might ask you to enable a diagnostic logging feature and send us the results so that we can figure out what's going wrong.

These instructions aren't relevant if you've installed EclipseCrossword from the Microsoft Store.

Downloading the full install package for EclipseCrossword

To get started, download the full install package for EclipseCrossword here:

* EclipseCrossword full install package

This is the same file that the normal setup procedure will download and install for you.  For this process, we want to download it manually.  Save that file somewhere you can easily find it later, such as the desktop or your Documents folder.

Installing with logging enabled

Now we'll put Windows Installer into a special diagnostic logging mode while we install EclipseCrossword.

  1. Hold down the Windows Windows key and press R to open the Run window.
    • If you don't have a Windows key, you can open the Run window by clicking the Start button and then clicking Run if it's visible, or by clicking Start and typing "run" to search and pressing Enter.
  2. Copy the following text and paste it into the Run window:
    msiexec /l C:\InstallLog.log /i 
  3. Type a space after the "/i".
  4. Drag and drop the EclipseCrossword full install package you downloaded earlier (named "Install EclipseCrossword" if you didn't change the name) onto the Run window.  The text inside the Run window should now look like this:
    msiexec /l C:\InstallLog.log /i "C:\Users\your name\Desktop\Install EclipseCrossword.msi"

Tip: If you prefer to save the log file to a different location than your C drive, type a different location after /l.  Add quotation marks if the location name has any spaces in it.

Once you're done, press Enter or click OK.  Continue with the EclipseCrossword installation as usual.

The Run dialog.

Sending the diagnostic logging file to our support staff

Now you can send the logging file to our support staff.  When you reply to our email, attach a file (just as you would a picture or a Word document).  Unless you chose a different location than suggested, the logging file is named "InstallLog" and is on your C drive.  Once we have a copy of that install log, hopefully we'll be able to determine what is causing Windows to fail to install EclipseCrossword. 


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