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Getting answers to a puzzle you're solving

Unfortunately, there's no way to get answers to most puzzles.  But, certain types of crossword web pages do allow you to get answers.

If you're solving a printed puzzle

Answers to printed puzzles are not available online at, and our technical support can't help you find them.  You will need to contact the person who created the crossword.

If you're solving a puzzle online

Some online crossword puzzle web pages created with EclipseCrossword allow you to get answers for individual clues, but not for the whole puzzle.  Click on the word that's giving you trouble.  Look in the clue box, near the OK button or link, for a button or link labeled solve or cheat.  If you see one, click it, and the answer for this clue will be filled in on the puzzle grid for you.  If you don't see one, then the person who created this puzzle has removed this capability to prevent cheating.  For help with this puzzle, you'll need to contact the original author, or a knowledgeable friend who has solved this puzzle already or knows the answers.


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