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Word list file format (.ewl)

This information is intended for advanced users.  You don't need to know this to create puzzles in EclipseCrossword.

As file formats go, the EclipseCrossword word list file format is simple.  Word lists have the default extension of .ewl, though EclipseCrossword will show all .ewl, .txt, and .ecw files in the word list selection dialog, and will attempt to load a file of any extension.  A word list is a plain text file that meets all of the following criteria:

Note: EclipseCrossword currently does not support files in UTF-8 or Unicode (UTF-16) encodings.  It is likely that the former will become the default in a future version.

Here's an example of an EclipseCrossword word list file:

; This is an EclipseCrossword word list.

CAT: feline
HAT: headgear


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