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Emailing a crossword puzzle

You can send your friends, coworkers, family, or students crossword puzzles over email.  This page describes some of your options.

Note that the exact instructions on how to attach files will differ depending on your favorite email software or website, so we won't be able to help you with that specifically.  The process should be exactly the same as what you'd do to send a photo as an attachment.

Sending the EclipseCrossword puzzle file

You can send the EclipseCrossword puzzle file to your friend.  (Learn more about types of EclipseCrossword files.)  To do this, start an email in your favorite email software or website, and then include the puzzle file as an attachment.

Sending a web page file

Web pages don't have to be stored on the internet.  You can create a web page file with EclipseCrossword, and then attach the web page file to your email.  You can choose an interactive web page that your friends can play right in their web browser, or a printable version that they can fill out with a pencil.  (Learn more about creating interactive puzzle web pages.)

Receipients who use Gmail should click "Download" to view the web page that you send.  If they click View, it will be reformatted and will not look or function properly.

Sending a link to a web page on the internet

The easiest option for your recipients is for you to host the web page on your own website, and then you can send them a link to that page.  (Learn how you can get your own website for free.)  Here's an example of how your email could look:

Hi, Amber!  Check out this cool crossword puzzle I created for you about Mom and Dad's anniversary.

Other options

Generally, one of those options will work well for you.  You have some other options available, though.


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