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Software for editing web pages

EclipseCrossword can be used to create various types of web pages, but to customize colors, fonts, and layout of these web pages, you'll need to use additional software.

Customizing web pages can be a daunting task for newcomers, and may require training.  We unfortunately won't be able to help you learn how to edit web pages or use any specific program.  There are, however, many great resources for learning available on the internet.

What you need

Interactive web pages such as those created in EclipseCrossword can't be edited in normal word processing software such as Microsoft Word.  If you do, the puzzles will no longer be interactive, and the layout won't be correct.  Instead, you need either a text editor or a software package specifically created for editing web pages.

Green Eclipse does not endorse any particular third-party product.  Please exercise good judgment when downloading software from the internet.

Web page editors

Using any of these web page editors, you won't have to learn the HTML, the language that web pages are written in.  However, they are generally designed for use by professionals, and can be difficult to learn without training.  All of these products are free.  (There are plenty of good non-free products you can use too.)

Text editors

If you use a text editor, you'll have the most flexibility, but you'll need to understand HTML.  Most of the web page editors above also allow you to edit the HTML code, and often have tools that make it easier than it would be in a general purpose text editor.

Software to avoid

As was mentioned earlier, it's best to use either a plain text editor or software specifically designed for editing web pages.  Here are some examples of software that you should not use to edit your EclipseCrossword web pages:


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