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Collecting answers online

Some teachers like to offer online crossword puzzle web pages for use in class assignments.  Some people also use EclipseCrossword in online contests.  While this can be a fun way to share your crosswords with other people, EclipseCrossword doesn't currently offer any way to automatically collect the answers that people type into your puzzle.

If you'd like to grade students' work, ask students to print their filled-in crosswords—either the words they've typed into an interactive puzzle (we suggest the JavaScript version if you want to do this), or the words that they've manually written into a printable crossword web page that you've created.

Important:  Saving a crossword puzzle that you've filled out (completely or partially) online won't work!  Your web browser will save a copy of the original web page, but answers that you've typed into the puzzle won't be saved.


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Keywords:  When people fill out my crossword on my website, how can I get their answers, such as for a contest?