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Printing to a different printer

When you print from EclipseCrossword, it always prints to your default printer.  Most people only have one printer, so this is what you generally want.  However, if you're at a work or school computer and have more than one printer available, you might want to change the printer to which EclipseCrossword will print.  Here's how.

How to tell which printer EclipseCrossword will print to

You may not need to change anything.  On the Print crossword tab, where you'll go to print your puzzle, EclipseCrossword tells you which printer it's going to print to, so check this.  If it's the printer that you want to print to, you don't need to do anything.  Just print normally.

Screenshot of the Print crossword tab
The Print crossword tab, showing your current default printer.

Changing the default printer

If the listed printer isn't the one you want, you'll need to change the default printer before you print.

  1. Exit EclipseCrossword by clicking Close.  If you haven't saved what you're working on, be sure to save first.
  2. Open the Printers control panel.
    • On Windows 8 or 10, open the Start menu, type "printer", and then click Change default printer.
    • On Windows Vista or 7, open the Start menu, and then click Printers.
    • On extremely old versions of Windows, you'll need to click Settings before you click Printers.
  3. Find the printer you want to use.  Right-click on the printer and click Set as default printer.
    • To use a network printer that isn't listed here, see the next section.
  4. Close the Printers control panel.
  5. Start EclipseCrossword again and open the puzzle you want to print.
  6. The new printer should be listed on the Print crossword tab, and you're ready to print.
Screenshot of the Start menu with Printers selected
The Start menu with the Printers option selected.
(This is Windows Vista.  The Start menu looks different on older computers.)

Screenshot of the Start menu on Windows 8 searching for the default printer settings
Searching the Start menu on Windows 8 for printer options.
The Printers control panel
The Printers control panel, showing the Set as default button and the Add a printer button.

Using a network printer

In many schools and companies, printers are shared over the network, instead of directly plugged into your computer.  Printing to a network printer is basically the same as using a printer that's connected directly.  If you haven't connected to the network printer you want to use before, then it won't show up in the Printers control panel.  To add a network printer to the control panel, click the Add a printer button.


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