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Burning EclipseCrossword to a CD

EclipseCrossword is meant to be installed over the internet. If you want to give EclipseCrossword to a friend, it's easiest just to tell them to go to and download it there. However, in certain circumstances it would be helpful to put EclipseCrossword on a CD, such as to give to a friend without internet access, or to distribute with a magazine or on a network. Here's how. (You'll need to know how to create a folder, download, copy, and rename files, and work with zip files, as well as how to use your CD burning software.)

First, download these five files.

Create a folder on your computer where you'll store the files that you're going to burn to a CD. Put the files that you download in this folder.

You'll need to download the EclipseCrossword offline pack, which includes a setup program that works without an internet connection. Then, you'll need the full EclipseCrossword setup package, and the system updates that are necessary for EclipseCrossword to work. Click the links below to download these files, and save them to the folder you created. Name the files exactly as shown in the table below. (Your computer may not show the file's "extension"; for example, "Install EclipseCrossword.msi" may show up as "Install EclipseCrossword". This is okay.)

Download this file:   And save it with this name:
EclipseCrossword offline pack EclipseCrossword offline
EclipseCrossword setup package Install EclipseCrossword.msi
Windows Installer for Windows 9x InstMsiA.exe
Windows Installer for Windows NT/2000 InstMsiW.exe
Visual Basic 6 runtime vbrun60sp5.exe

Once you've downloaded the above five files, go back and make sure once more that they're named exactly as they are in the table; this is important.

Unzip the EclipseCrossword offline pack.

Open the EclipseCrossword offline pack in your unzip program by double-clicking on it. (You saved it in the folder you just created.) Extract all of the files from this zip file to the folder you created.

Delete the temporary files.

Once you've unzipped the contents of the EclipseCrossword offline pack, you don't need the original zip file anymore, so you can delete it. The offline pack also contained a link to the page you're reading now, which you can delete as well.

Delete these files:
EclipseCrossword offline
~ Instructions

Double-check everything.

You should have the following files in the folder you created, with the names exactly as shown.

You should have this file:   It came from:
Autorun.exe EclipseCrossword offline pack
Autorun.inf EclipseCrossword offline pack
Install EclipseCrossword.msi You downloaded this file
InstMsiA.exe You downloaded this file
InstMsiW.exe You downloaded this file
Setup.exe EclipseCrossword offline pack
vbrun60sp5.exe You downloaded this file

Burn the files to a CD.

Now, you can burn the contents of this folder to a CD. Open your CD writing software (or, if you have Windows XP, you can open My Computer and then your CD burner). Then, select all of the files in this folder and drag them into the CD window (don't drag the folder that contains the files). Then, burn the files as you normally would.  Alternatively, you can also put these files in a shared network location or zip them up.

That's it! If you follow the above instructions to burn these files to CD, your friend should be able to install EclipseCrossword without an internet connection.


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