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EclipseCrossword 1.2.56 bug: JavaScript puzzles and UTF-8

EclipseCrossword 1.2.56 has a bug that causes accented characters to show up as boxes or question marks in Interactive with JavaScript puzzles.  The bug is fixed in current versions of EclipseCrossword, and we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.  If you have an older version, here is a workaround that you can use to fix your web pages.

After performing this procedure, your web page should appear properly in your web browser.  If you already have it open in a web browser, you should use your browser's Refresh command (usually F5) to see the corrected page.

When you might see this bug

This bug applies if...

Technical information

EclipseCrossword 1.2.56 mistakenly adds those three characters to the beginning of Interactive with JavaScript web pages that it saves.  That sequence of characters is called the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark, and it causes web browsers to interpret special characters in the page differently.  Removing those characters causes the browser to automatically detect how to interpret special characters correctly.


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