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EclipseCrossword on Windows 8

Don't worry, EclipseCrossword works just fine on Windows 8.  Here are answers to some questions that you might have about using EclipseCrossword on Windows 8.

Is EclipseCrossword any different on Windows 8?

EclipseCrossword on Windows 8 is the same app that you've enjoyed using on previous versions of Windows.  It runs in the Desktop, and it's not a full-screen app.

How to I install EclipseCrossword on Windows 8?

Install EclipseCrossword on Windows 8 just like previous versions of Windows, by downloading it from  EclipseCrossword is not available from the Windows Store at this time.

Will EclipseCrossword run on my tablet or slate?

EclipseCrossword runs on Windows tablets and slates that use the full version of Windows 8, such as the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro.  Tablets that don't run Windows (like the iPad and the Kindle Fire) of course can't use EclipseCrossword.  Tablets that run Windows RT and only allow you to install new apps from the Windows Store, such as the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT, also won't be able to install EclipseCrossword.

EclipseCrossword has not been optimized for use with a touchscreen or high-resolution displays.


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