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Getting your own website

EclipseCrossword has features that let you save web pages from your crossword puzzles.  Web pages are a great way to share your puzzles with your friends, coworkers, or students.  You can send web pages through email, but if you want people everywhere in the world to be able to use your puzzles, you'll need to get your web pages hosted on a website.

There are many places on the web that will host a website on the internet for you for free.  Most of them will add an advertisement to your site to pay for the costs of hosting it.  You can also find a web hosting company that will allow you to host a completely custom, ad-free website for a small fee each month.  Each company does things a little differently, and unfortunately we aren't able to help you with the specifics of setting up a website with any particular company—you'll need to contact that company for help.

Or, try searching the web.  There are many free website providers.


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