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Changing the size of the printed squares

If the squares in your puzzle are too small when you print, here are some things to check.

Screenshot of the puzzle size display
The puzzle preview page also shows you the size of your puzzle and how many words it has.
Click Back on this page to change the maximum size of the puzzle.

Increasing the maximum square size

If you are creating crosswords for people who have trouble reading or writing small enough, such as seniors and children, you can make the boxes larger on your printed pages.

Screenshot of the Options button Screenshot of the square size controls 
The Options button. The square size controls.
  1. Open a puzzle you want to print in EclipseCrossword.  (How?)
  2. Click Options in the lower-left corner of the EclipseCrossword window.
  3. Click the Printing tab at the top.
  4. Change the number in Boxes can be up to ____ / 100 inches square.  You can type any number between 10 and 100, where 100 is a full inch square.  The default is 25, or a quarter inch square.  You can also use the arrow buttons inside of the box to adjust the number.
  5. Click OK on the options dialog to save your changes.

This will affect all crossword puzzles that you print from this computer, until you change the option again.  


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Keywords: The boxes in my crossword grid are too small and tiny when I print them, and I want to make them larger.