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Manually downloading EclipseCrossword

EclipseCrossword normally uses a process we call WebSetup to help you download it and get it installed on your computer.  We recommend that you download EclipseCrossword normally if possible.  But, we provide this procedure to help you out if you're having troubles with the normal manual install, or if you want to install EclipseCrossword on a computer without internet access, or if you're a technical user and just want to do everything yourself.

Note: If we're certain that you already have the necessary system updates, the normal download page will offer you the same file as in step 2.

Step 1: downloading the necessary system updates

EclipseCrossword will run without any problems on any recent computer.  If you have a very old computer, you might need to download and install one or two system updates before it will work.  (WebSetup normally would do this for you.)  First, find out what version of Windows you have, and then check the chart below.

Windows Installer update from Microsoft

Choose the version of the update that matches the version of Windows you have.

Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5 runtime update from Microsoft

Choose the version of the update that matches the version of Windows you have.

Step 2: downloading the EclipseCrossword manual install file

First: Run any updates you downloaded above.  If you're given the chance, click Run or Open.  Otherwise, find the files in the location where you saved them, and double-click on them to install the update.  If you're asked to restart your computer, you'll need to do that before you finish installing EclipseCrossword.  (If you'd like to be able to find this page again easily later, right-click on the page and click Create Shortcut.  This will create a link to this site on your desktop.)

Now, you can download the EclipseCrossword manual install file.  It contains everything else you need to install EclipseCrossword, without an internet connection.

Once the download finishes, click Run or Open if given the chance, or find the file where you saved it and double-click on it to finish installing EclipseCrossword.  Just follow the instructions on the screen.

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